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Not sure how to increase the sale of mangoes this year? Why limit the selling of mangoes due to restricted selling platforms at your disposal? Gain more visibility and extend the reach to sell your high-quality mangoes to a larger consumer base. No extra efforts. Only huge profits from the comfort of your space.

Partner With Us Now to Increase your Outreach

Why go the traditional way of selling mangoes when you can increase your revenue with an online sale of mangoes. Keep mediators and fruit vendors away with your very own website and a social media presence to help you generate a hassle free and a faster cash flow.

Info Hub Digital is coming up with a one of a kind offer for Mango Sellers and farmer across Maharashtra. This year, grab the chance to sell your superior mangoes on a website and through social media platforms. Get this offer now at just Rs. 30,000!

Get this offer now at just Rs. 9999!

Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • A 3-page SEO friendly website that features all the types of mangoes from your selection
  • Your own domain and hosting
  • An SSL certificate to authenticate your website’s authenticity and for an encrypted connection
  • Payment Gateway for easy payments
  • Google Business Registration for your business to show up on Google products
  • Whatsapp integration for ease of business
  • Social Media pages on trending platforms
  • Social Media Marketing strategies for Faceboook and Instagram
  • Will I get a dedicated hosting or a shared one?

    We will host the site on a shared hosting and the hosting will be valid for 1 year

  • How many leads do you guarantee in the offer?

    While, it is difficult to put a cap on the exact number of leads. We will try our best to ensure you receive the maximum number of leads. Not less than 50 - 100

  • Is there an auto-refund?

    No, we do not provide any auto-refund

  • Where is your office located?

    We are located in Pune

  • Is the given domain last for a lifetime?

    No, like the hosting, the domain and SSL has 1 year validity. You will have to renew it next year in order to have access to the website

  • Go Digital and
    Increase Your Revenue!

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