5 Tips to Improve Engagement for LinkedIn Post

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LinkedIn is a professional networking site with over 30 million companies and 660 million users listed on the site, making it a perfect platform to deliver your message. It gives a clear access to professionals and decision makers. Majority of those who are active on LinkedIn are businesses who are looking for skilled people or people with skill sets who are looking for their next perfect work opportunity. Unfortunately, many people still don’t make full use of all the benefits that LinkedIn has to offer.

So, if you are someone interested in using the LinkedIn platform to its full potential,

Here are five tips to improve engagement on your LinkedIn post:

1. Improve Your Profile

Personal profiles dominate the LinkedIn platform. You can have a direct connection with your target audience and can also send personal messages. This forms an organic communication chain where the person trusts you as a reliable source. On LinkedIn, the posts made by personal profiles get higher views and experience higher levels of engagement which is an excellent way to communicate your message to the masses. If your profile reaches the maximum number of people, your message spreads to a wider audience.

2. Professional Photo

As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn is a professional site. That is why you need to have a professional photo as your profile picture. While it does not have to be extremely formal as it looks stiff, it should convey the message that you possess enough knowledge and authority in your field to make you a reliable source. Ensure that the background is clean and the photo is taken in a professional environment. After all, a picture speaks for itself!

3. Be Consistent

Just like any other form of media, on LinkedIn too, posting consistently is the key. When your posts are consistent it builds a solid presence on the platform and can also provide you with a loyal base of followers. However, the posts need to be meaningful and add some value to the reader. If your post is interesting, nowadays, a chain of comments in formed in the comment section leading to a meaningful conversation. This too can be a great way to increase your engagement.

4. Be Unique

Most posts on social media follow a similar type. This means, everyone does that same thing and posts about the same topics. In such cases, you need to be creative with your posts and content in order to improve your engagement with the audience. If the post is unique on the platform, then it will be shared more and naturally people will be interested to know about it.

5. Questions In Posts

If your post comes with a question then the likelihood of maximizing the engagement amongst the audience skyrockets immediately. People are more likely to respond to a post if it poses as a question because everyone is eager to give an opinion and make their voice heard. It makes the audience feel like they are involved with the decision making and they can also feel a personal connection with your topic of interest. Most of the time, it even compels the viewers to check out your profile and give you a follow. What’s even better is you can post a poll and direct it towards your target customers. This will give you a clear understanding of how your target audience feels about a particular topic.

LinkedIn as a platform has so much to offer but most of us do not make the full use of it. It gives you direct access to like-minded people and businesses. In this digital era, digital marketing has become the key to success for many businesses. Info Hub is one of the leading digital marketing agencies, which houses a team of experienced and trained staff for all your digital marketing needs. Get your business to boom with the right digital marketing strategy, social media plans and more.