5 Best SEO Extensions useful for Digital Marketers

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As digital marketing professionals in India and USA, Info Hub Digital is mindful that the industry trends move quickly. However, keeping up with the constantly changing digital marketing dynamics can be overwhelming for digital marketing experts.

As per the digital marketing team of Info Hub Digitalunderstanding what will help and can be helpful as a great SEO tool that will not just keep you up to date but also enhance your SEO presence in digital marketing spread across India and USA.

Leading digital marketing expert in India and USA –Info Hub Digitahas listed below the five best SEO extensions which are helpful for digital marketers to improve their rankings and visibility online.

Headline Studio by CoSchedule:

Headline Studio by CoSchedule is a Chrome extension developed to help marketers optimize their visitors.

It helps to analyze headlines and suggests better words and phrases improve SEO.

Furthermore, it analyses whether your headlines have outperformed or underperformed about other headlines.

According to Info Hub Digital, one of India’s best digital marketing agencies and the United States, Headline Studio is ideal for marketers who want to improve their header writing skills and always create high-quality, intriguing headlines highlighted in the audience.  

Price: Free 

SEO Pro Extension 

The SEO Pro Extension was designed to efficiently examine website properties and provide a straightforward summary of search engine optimization information and ideas on how to improve SERP (search engine results page) rankings.

Info Hub digital marketing experts also recommend using SEO Pro Extension. The tool can also identify areas of your site that have little or no complete search engine optimization information, such as images without ALT tags. 

Using SEO Pro Extension, digital marketing and SEO experts in India and the United Stateswill also be able to examine competitors’ sites to find tips on how to enhance and improvise your business site within the context of your specific business. 

Price: Free


Info Hub Digital, digital marketing, and SEO professionals highly recommend using MozBar, an on-page SEO toolbar curated to speed up your team’s research process, particularly when it comes to analyzing links. 

It’s also useful for competitive ranking intelligence, which can significantly benefit your business. 

MozBar allows digital marketers to retrieve SEOmetrics for any webpage with a single click. 

The following MozBar features will benefit SEO and digital marketers from India and the United States

  • The tool will consider page and domain authority when looking for external links. 
  • Feature keywords on any page to see how your competitors are utilizing them. 
  • Links on any webpage can be broken down into followed, no-followed, external, or internal links. 
  • SERPs analysis exported as a separate file. 

Price: Free 

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar 

According to SEO and digital marketing experts at Info Hub Digital, Ahrefs SEO Toolbar allows even novices to begin optimizing for search engines like a pro. 

This expansion includes the following information about a page: 

  • The title and the description 
  • The canonical URL. 
  • Crawlability. 
  • Headers and subheaders are used. 
  • Count the words. 
  • Tags for social media. 

Info Hub Digital, a digital marketing expert in India and the United States, recommends this tool to gather data about top-ranking search results. 

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar provides a practical, thorough analysis for digital marketing specialists to speed up SEO-related edits and changes. 

Keywords Everywhere 

Keyword research is an integral part of SEO. However, you will speed up the process by using Keywords Everywhere. Info Hub digital and SEO experts recommend using this SEO extension tool to track the appropriate keywords to improve your page ranking and visibility. 

Keywords Everywhere provide the following on-page: 

  • Analysis of search volume. 
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) data for keywords 
  • Information about the competition 
  • Analysis of trends. 

Price: The free version contains additional information and keyword variants in the hunt; otherwise, it is priced based on credit usage — $10 for the cheapest package, including 100,000 keywords. 

Take your business productivity to the next step with these SEO extension recommendations from Info Hub Digital, a digital marketing and SEO expert in India and the United States. 

The best SEO extensions for digital marketing simplify your life and work. In addition, these helpful SEO tools can help you speed up your research. 

Do you want to see your company at the top of the search engine results page and increase your visibility to drive more traffic online? 

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