In-house Marketing Vs Digital Marketing Agency

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The role of digital marketing in any business growth is undeniably crucial in today’s date. But the question always remains – whether to do it in-house or through a digital marketing agency. Of course, there is no specific right answer as it all depends on different factors, and which suit you best. Both of them need investment so a thoughtful decision is important. Both have their pros and cons so let’s first understand those.

Hiring and Skillset

The first thing you will need is for an in-house team is to hire people and make a solid team with roles like a content writer, Social Media Manager, Web designer, SEO & Analytics Expert, etc. These people will have their expertise which makes the team solid.

In-house employees will breathe your brand values and will know more about each aspect of your business. Plus, they are personally chosen by your business, so you know the expertise and background of the person too.

But, businesses usually might not hire for different roles. Instead, they try to hire someone who knows a little about all aspects of digital marketing. This can be hard to find and can be too much work for 1 – 2 people in the future.

On the other hand, any digital marketing agency will already have people with this expertise, so your business is spared from the task of hiring.

Finding an internet marketing agency can be a huge task too. You must check their track record within your industry and check who can deliver your set goals in the set timelines. A brand may also need to work with different agencies to get the desired results.

After all, it all depends on your budget and needs. It’s better to hand it over to an reputed digital marketing agency if you plan on hiring only one person or need an end-to-end marketing strategy. On the other hand, in-house marketing makes sense if you only need one specific aspect to be handled.

Creativity and Updates

In-house marketers will have a deeper understanding of your brand values as well as about your direct competitors. But, the person may also feel creatively stagnant at a point by working on the same project again and again.

People working in an agency are frequently working on different projects and are exposed to a wide variety of work. At the same time, they might be working with your direct competitors which may lead to a conflict of interest.

Practically speaking, an agency is regularly updated with any new updates in the technology or such. But your in-house team might not have immediate access to these updates.


It can be easier to take up urgent or high-profile tasks if the marketing is in-house as your team is right there. But also note that your team can be overburdened if they have been given too many tasks.

Contacting the agency for something urgent can be slower as they could have workloads and be working on different projects. It may need some time for the agency to get back to you and take up your request.

You can choose better by considering the nature of work you get and the timelines you need to follow.


If you’re setting up an in-house team, you need to know how many people you are going to hire and their respective salaries. Apart from the salaries, you also need to consider the hardware, software, office space expenses, and campaign costs. While you plan out your campaigns, those costs will differ depending on the platform you choose and your marketing needs.

When it comes to an agency, they have pre-set pricing options. You also need not worry about the other costs like training, software, tools, etc. Hiring an agency may seem expensive at first but can be an affordable option in the long run.

Now that you know both sides of the story, the blend of both can also be a possible solution to the question. For example, in situations where you need to design a campaign that might be above your or your team’s expertise, it is best to get it done from an agency.

Communicate with your team earlier, analyze their skill set, and then decide whether outsourcing is the way to go. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Pune, look no further. Info Hub Digital has the expertise to give you result-oriented strategies while abiding by your brand values. With 24/7 support, they can give your brand that essential boost to grow.

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