Are LinkedIn Ads Costly?

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Social media ads largely encompass Facebook ads for most people! Any social media marketing effort, however, should be tailored to your target demographic. And just because Facebook has the largest social media audience doesn’t imply it’s the perfect market for your business. Advertising on LinkedIn may be more effective if you are targeting professionals or business managers. But how much do LinkedIn advertisements cost?

LinkedIn Ad Pricing Model

LinkedIn charges in a similar way to Facebook. They offer ads in real-time auctions, in which rivals bid on ad space to reach a specific audience. There are 3 pricing models to choose from, based on what suits your business needs –

1. Cost per Click (CPC) – in this situation, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad – this is perfect for driving visitors to a landing page of the site because you only pay when people do so.

2. CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) — you pay a set amount for every 1000 impressions of your ad. When your objective is brand awareness, you’ll normally choose this option because people will notice your ad but won’t interact with it.

3. Cost per Send (CPS) – This is the technique you’d use to pay for sponsored ads on LinkedIn’s InMail. You pay for each ad that is delivered to someone’s email.

How Much Do LinkedIn Ads Cost?

LinkedIn advertising is generally more expensive than other social media networks. You are, however, addressing various audiences for various goals. You could be selling a product or providing a service. However, you may be hiring for crucial jobs in your firm, such as management. When you place an ad on LinkedIn, you’re genuinely paying for quality.

For most ads, LinkedIn presently requires a minimum budget of $10 USD each day. On your Text Ads, you can also bid $2 USD for CPM or CPC.

On LinkedIn, the average cost per 1000 impressions is $6.05 USD. However, the actual cost per click (CPC) is significant, ranging between $2 and $7 USD at the current time. The average cost per click on LinkedIn is $5.26 USD.

Factors Influencing LinkedIn Charges

Despite the aforementioned costs for LinkedIn Ads, there are certain factors that influence the cost of advertisements.

Ad Relevance – Each campaign receives a quality score from LinkedIn. When your advertisements perform successfully, you get a high score. Your ad cost will be lower if your score is greater. Click-through rate, engagement rate, clicks, likes, shares, and comments are all factors that influence this score.

Target Audience – The advertising structure on LinkedIn works like an auction. You’ll be bidding against other ads that are targeting the same demographic. The majority of marketers aim for senior executives and decision-makers. The cost rises because the demand exceeds the supply (inventory).

Bidding Strategy – This tells LinkedIn how much money you’re willing to spend on your audience. This has a direct impact on the price you’ll pay. You will only pay one cent more than the next winning bidder if you win an auction. A “second-price” auction is what they call it.

Objective – Each objective has a different click behaviour that can be charged. As a result, picking this option will have a direct impact on how much you will be charged. Your purpose, in addition to the audience, bid, and bidding method has an impact on the overall cost. Depending on the objectives of your campaign, the bidding tactics and optimization criteria available to you will change. Brand exposure, website traffic, engagement, video views, lead creation, talent leads, site conversions, and job applications are some of the goals.

Why Use LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn presently boasts 121 million daily active members, with 3 million monthly content shares. Because of the large number of people that actively share material, you’ll most likely require the increased reach that LinkedIn advertising can provide. You may use LinkedIn advertising to:

  • Promote old posts through sponsored content
  • Contact prospects via InMail with sponsored messaging
  • Create customised dynamic ads suited to specific people
  • Run Text Ads

When you post a job on LinkedIn, you’re automatically reaching out to a large pool of qualified people. Your ad audience can be targeted based on their skill set, educational degree, job role, preferences, and even employees from a certain organisation.

How to Set a Budget?

LinkedIn, like many other networks, allows you to set a monthly or daily budget. A daily budget informs LinkedIn the amount that wants to spend each day, while a total budget tells LinkedIn how much they want to spend over the campaign. Sponsored content initiatives are now the only ones with a total budget.

LinkedIn demands a minimum of $10 for both, a daily and total budget, depending on the option you choose. To calculate a daily budget, multiply your bid by the number of impressions or clicks you want per day. When a daily budget is reached, the advertising will cease running for the day and resume the next day. This cycle will repeat until the entire budget has been spent or the deadline has passed, whichever comes first. Your campaign will be converted from “On” to “Completed” after the money has been spent.

Overall, the rates of LinkedIn ads in India have been very stable. While LinkedIn is more expensive than other social media advertising platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it is also the most cost-effective and fastest-growing B2B marketing platform today. If you are still dubious about the benefits of LinkedIn Ads for your business, reach out to us for more information. Info Hub Digital, the Best digital marketing agency in Pune, is well versed in the nuances of social media marketing and can offer tailored solutions to increase visibility and gain a higher ROI.

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