Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Ads

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LinkedIn Ads can help your business’s voice reach the ideal audience, whether you want to drive traffic to your website, build brand awareness, increase content engagement, or make purchases on LinkedIn.

What Are LinkedIn Ads and How Do They Work?

LinkedIn Ads is the platform’s paid marketing tool, which allows you to construct a range of ad campaigns in various forms. LinkedIn advertising can assist your company or brand reach a variety of objectives, including:

Brand recognition

Participation of the audience

Visitor numbers on a website

Conversions of leads

Conversions on the web

Follow along with our LinkedIn ad guide to learn about the many types of advertising available and the different types of goals they may help you achieve.

Types of LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has a variety of ad formats to help you reach your advertising objectives. The following are the different types of LinkedIn ads:

  • Single Image Ads – Single image ads, also known as Sponsored Content, appear on a LinkedIn user’s home feed and include ad copy and only one image. Because they mix with organic content, these adverts usually garner a lot of attention. They’re so effectively disguised that they could be mistaken for a regular post if it weren’t for the word “Promoted” beneath the company’s name. 

Ad Specifications: 

• Advertisement name (optional): up to 225 characters

• Up to 150 characters for the introductory text

• Destination URL: The destination URL can be up to 2,000 characters long.

• Ad image: A 5MB or less JPG, GIF, or PNG file with a maximum image size of 7680 by 7680 pixels.

• Headline: Maximum of 70 characters to avoid truncation (but can use up to 200 characters)

• Description: No more than 100 characters to avoid truncation (but can use up to 300 characters)

  • Video Ads – You can advertise thought leadership, highlight user experience, introduce new products, give an insider peek at corporate culture, and anything else you can think of by being creative with LinkedIn video advertising. This is a chance to show, rather than tell, your brand’s narrative.

Ad Specifications:

• Headline: up to 25 characters 

• Description: up to 75 characters 

• Image: 100 x 100px with a JPG or PNG 2MB or less

  • Carousel Ads – Carousel ads are used to communicate your brand’s story, highlight products, and share information. They employ a row of cards to display 2 to 10 images, so great visuals that lure readers and keep them swiping through the photographs to discover more are essential.

Ad Specifications:

Ad title: up to 255 characters 

• Introductory text: up to 150 characters to avoid shortening on certain devices (255 total character limit)

• Cards: a deck of two to ten cards.

• File size limit: 10 MB 

• Image size limit: 6012 x 6012px 

• Rich media formats: JPG, PNG, and GIF (non-animated only)

• Character limits: 45-character limit for ads that lead to a destination URL; the 30-character limit for ads with a Lead Gen form CTA

  • Message Ads – Message ads are sent directly to the LinkedIn inboxes of your target audience. This sort of ad contains only one call-to-action (CTA) button and is ideal for reaching out to certain audiences.

Ad Specifications:

Up to 60 characters for the message subject

• Up to 20 characters for the CTA button copy

• Message text: 1,500 characters maximum

• Up to 2,500 characters for custom terms and conditions

• JPEG, PNG, and GIF images for banners (non-animated)

• Dimensions: 300 x 250 pixels

  • Text Ads – If you’re trying to create solid leads with a professional demographic, Text Ads appear along the top and right-hand side of LinkedIn’s desktop feed. Given that enhancing lead generation is one of the top digital marketing goals for 58% of marketers, LinkedIn Text Ads can be a cost-effective approach to cast a wide net.

Ad Specifications:

• Introductory text (optional): up to 600 characters 

• Image: 100 x 100px with a JPG or PNG 2MB or less

• Duration of video: 3 seconds to 30 minutes (high performing LinkedIn video ads tend to be 15 seconds or less)

• Width: 640 to 1920 pixels • Height: 360 to 1920 pixels 

• Aspect ratio: 1.778 to 0.5652 

• File size: 75KB to 200MB 

• Frame rate: less than 30 frames per second

  • Event Ads – Only once you’ve created an event on LinkedIn can you use event ads. The event is then promoted using the Event ad. This type of ad is displayed on a user’s LinkedIn home feed and contains all of the necessary event details, such as the date, time, and location.

Ad Specifications:

• Up to 600 characters of text (above the event image and description)

• 4:1 picture ratio (the image will be taken from the Event Page you build

• Event advertising can only be created for pre-existing events)

  • Conversation Ads – Conversation advertisements, like Message ads, are delivered to a user’s LinkedIn inbox, but they include up to five CTA buttons. By pushing users to click on a response button and displaying a new message each time they do, these ads provide them a choose-your-own-adventure experience. Conversation Ads are one of the most engaging and dynamic ad forms available, making them ideal for displaying products and services, increasing engagement, and generating new leads.

Ad Specifications:

• Up to 255 characters for the ad’s name

• Up to 300 x 250px for banner creative (optional and only for PC). JPEG or PNG are the two options.

• (Only) custom footer and terms & conditions: Up to 2,500 characters are allowed.

• Up to 500 characters for an introductory message

• Image size (optional): 250 × 250 pixels, JPEG or PNG

• Text for the CTA can be up to 25 characters long.

• Each message can include up to five CTA buttons.

• The message text can be up to 500 characters long.

  • Spotlight Ads – Spotlight ads draw attention to your products, services, content, and other features. Members are taken to your landing page or website as soon as they click on the ad. These are other sort of dynamic ad that leverages personalisation to connect with viewers.

Ad Specifications:

Up to 70 characters for the ad description

• Up to 50 characters for the ad headline

• Business name (maximum of 25 characters)

• JPG or PNG images should be 100 by 100 pixels in size.

• Call to action (CTA): up to 18 characters

• Custom background (optional): 300 x 250px with a file size of 2MB or less

LinkedIn Ad Objectives

LinkedIn employs objective-based advertising, which allows advertisers to create ad campaigns that are tailored to certain business objectives. From awareness to conversion, businesses can work their way through all stages of a sales funnel. Setting an aim aids LinkedIn in determining the optimal ad format for your needs. There are three types of objectives:

Awareness – This increases brand awareness by encouraging people to talk about your products, services, and brand. You can also attract more followers, increase views, and stimulate more engagement with these impression-based marketing.

Consideration – This aids in the qualification of leads who are familiar with your brand, as well as the achievement of objectives such as website visits, interaction, and video views.

Conversion – To generate leads, conversion ads are effective. These meet the objectives of lead generation, website conversions and job applicants. 

You can tailor your objectives to fit your ad goals, whether it’s growing brand exposure, increasing website visits, or something else entirely. You can use LinkedIn advertising to connect with the right people and promote your brand or business. You can produce important leads among a growing network of professionals with the appropriate LinkedIn Ad campaign. Info Hub Digital, a leading digital marketing agency in Pune houses the right expertise to help you promote your business through LinkedIn. 

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