Celebrating the Success of Mango Fest Carnival

Celebrating the Success of Mango Fest Carnival, Digital Marketing Services near me, Digital Marketing Services in india, Digital Marketing Services in Pune

Tuesday, July 12, 2022, India – A grand celebration of the King of Fruit with Mango Fest Carnival was lined up on the social media platform from March-April, 2022. The theme of the carnival was “to sell the Mangoes on Digital Platforms & Earn More & More Revenue,” meant exclusively for small business owners of Maharashtra.

With the authentic and exhilarating experience, Info Hub Digital aims to not just promote the King of Fruits on the digital platform but also encourage the use of sustainable, healthy, and organic farming practices. The carnival was a great show as it attracted a remarkable response and a large number of fruit importers, small business owners, grocery chain representatives, and many others.

Ultimate Goal behind Mango Fest Carnival

During the COVID-19 crisis, the digital economy exploded more than ever before. In fact, people turned to online shopping as they embraced social distancing. Post COVID-19, 67% of consumers say they shop differently now.

That’s why the need was realized to make the small business mango retailers step up to the challenge via this carnival. This carnival’s goal was not only to encourage more online sales but also to embrace emerging technologies that enabled them to connect with customers and improve their customer experience.

“According to first impressions, producing and selling mangoes is a small-scale traditional farming business. But as per recent figures, it is a hugely seasonal business, with the export of 116287.22 Metric tonnes of Mangoes worth 121.31 million US dollars. Therefore, it is no longer a small family business. Still, it is clearly a great way to become wealthy, and this is only possible through the use of a digital platform,” says Kunal Pawar, Managing Partner, Info Hub Digital.

Undoubtedly, more number of mangoes can be sold using digital marketing tools with extensive knowledge and initial investment in advertising. Info Hub Digital experts use Digital Marketing campaigns and lead generation campaigns to convert your potential customers to ordering online. In fact, this is the most novel and cost-effective approach in the long run to maintain direct contact with mango lovers.

Farmer to End-User Journey of the King of Fruits

Info Hub Digital – increased the campaign awareness and brand recognition through all of  its digital platforms. Our social media experts targeted the audiences by gender, age, marital status, time, interest, geographic location, and behavior. This ensured that no penny was squandered. For the matching business type, we also used relevant audience social media.

Our social media experts known for attracting customers for any campaign by using various ad types online, adapted multiple ad formats such as text ads, display ads, and in-video ads on different social media platforms. We retargeted customers using remarketing campaigns with a minimal investment which helped with the overall cost optimization.

To begin, we developed small scale (3-5 pages)e-commerce website with a payment gateway/UPI linked to various marketing platforms to automate small steps in the customer journey online.

To achieve the best results, the strategies followed by our marketers include-

  • Identifying and concentrating on ideal clients.
  • Local targeting and niche prospecting.
  • Launching personalized advertisements.
  • Putting more emphasis on the benefits rather than the product.
  • A/B testing was used to achieve the best results.

Success Story

It’s the time to celebrate the success of the Mango Fest Carnival. Yes, you heard it right. Our digital marketing specialists have successfully brought the small business owners of Maharashtra online by partnering with them. Our experts helped these mango distributors to sell the mangoes online with our unique white-hat digital marketing techniques. In fact, we conducted successful campaigns on their behalf with the strategy of local targeted and niche prospecting for targeting the local set of audiences.

“We strongly believe in the Facebook Ad Campaigns of Info Hub Digital from the success of Mango Fest Carnival Campaign. Their digital marketing experts claimed the carnival ad generated a good number of local leads at the average cost of INR. 18 each as compared to the standard lead cost of INR. 40-50,” says the Apte Foods Owner.

This key SEO metric – cost per lead metric assesses how cost-effective marketing campaigns are at generating new leads. In fact, this metric is closely related to other important business metrics like the cost of acquiring new customers. A low cost per lead combined with a high volume of high-quality leads is a good indicator that a campaign is succeeding.

Due to the mass reach of social media platforms and excellent measuring and targeting tools, our experts could achieve “segmented outreach to potential customers” using our digital marketing tools on a shoestring budget.

Ultimately, we helped the local mango sellers connect with the high count of local mango lovers to sell more quantities of mangoes in that particular area at a low cost. Our digital marketing experts aim to help your business generate new traffic, leads, and sales by reaching out to interested people out of over 4.3 billion people on the internet.

“Info Hub Digital experts assist us in increasing traffic to the website, leading to enhanced sales accounting for an average of 85% of all orders with an increase in profit by 25% in comparison with previous figures,” says the Apte Foods Owner.

All this would not have been possible without our clients’ beliefs and the efforts of our entire team. On behalf of our team of experts, Info Hub Digital would like to show a small gesture of thanks to all the farmers (to trust us) and the mango lovers for getting connected using the right platform.

About Info Hub Digital

Info Hub Digital is a company that employs experienced website developers and Facebook advertisers to assist businesses in growing through the use of digital platforms. We assist our clients in developing advanced campaigns to help them grow their businesses via SEO-friendly websites. In fact, our experts believe in delivering what was promised and nurturing their client’s leads by establishing an online presence.

We also develop custom websites to see which one suits you the best. To track performance, we install conversion pixels on your website to track the exact number of leads/sales you receive in a given time.

A/B split testing, retargeting and lookalike audiences, and conversion optimization are some of the advanced Facebook tactics we use for our clients. We assist our clients in creating effective advertisements and continue to optimize for the best results.


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