What is Conversion Rate Optimization? 5 Tips to Improve Low Traffic to Your Website

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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the practise of improving the user experience of your website or landing page based on website visitor behaviour to increase the likelihood that the visitor will convert on the aforementioned page. Boosting the conversion percentage from a website or mobile app is what entails conversion rate optimization.

You can determine whether your pages are convincing visitors to do take the action you want them to on the page by evaluating conversion rates. The stronger your design and copy, the higher the conversion rates. You can monitor a variety of goals and conversion rates on your website. Micro and macro conversion rates are present on every website.

Micro conversion rates – Smaller interactions that can take place on a website are referred to as micro conversion rates. A micro-conversion rate on an e-commerce website can account for subscription to a newsletter or the click of the “add to cart” button.

Macro conversion rates – The main action you want your visitors to do is called the macro conversion rate. For instance, the primary action you would want visitors on an ecommerce site to take is making an order.

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization Important?

By extracting more value from the users you already have, conversion rate optimization enables you to reduce your customer acquisition expenditures. You can boost revenue per visitor, attract more clients, and expand your business by optimizing your conversion rate.

When it comes to boosting conversions, there is always space for improvement, and the greatest businesses are always refining and enhancing their websites and mobile applications to enhance user experience and boost conversions.

The ideal course of action for increasing website conversion rate is to understand your consumers, clients, and visitors and provide for their needs. Below are a few things listed that you can do in order to increase your conversion rate –

Compelling PPC ads – Create PPC ads that are extremely relevant to the keyword or search query and the target market. Better still if you’re aiming for long-tail and mid-tail keywords with strong intent.

Maintain relevance between the ads and landing pages – Your landing page should fulfil the request made in your call to action and make it simple for the searcher to take it.

Testing the layout of landing page – Use A/B testing to determine the layout, copy, and colors that will encourage the greatest number of site visitors to submit their information, give you a call, or otherwise convert to a lucrative lead or buyer.

Now that you have read through few things you can do to increase the conversion rate of your website, here are top 5 tips on how to improve low traffic to your website –

Create Engaging Content

Your company needs a blog above all else so that you can consistently provide informative, in-depth information on your website. This cannot be negotiated.

•Blog posting increases the number of links to a company’s website by 97%.

•Companies that blog receive 55% more traffic to their websites than those who don’t.

•Bloggers are 13 times more likely to produce a profitable return on investment.

Target Trending Keywords

People use keywords to enter words and phrases into search engines, and as you might expect, some terms are searched more frequently than others. You may observe, for instance, that the term “how to boost website engagement” receives only about 10 searches per month, whereas the keyword “how to increase website traffic” receives 300 searches.

Use Advertisements

Digital or banner advertising, which you’ve probably seen all over the internet, are created to direct users to a website or a landing page for a particular campaign. Using sponsored search, social media, and display ads to advertise can be an effective strategy to boost website traffic. Each choice has advantages and disadvantages. Prior to pouring a large amount of money into it, it’s critical to create goals and budgets. You must, however begin with one campaign and varied ad groups with keywords you wish to target. This will help you understand how it is performing. There maybe chances that one keyword has resulted in more impressions but not in increased traffic, while another in clicks and conversions.


Email is a tried-and-tested method of driving traffic. Email is a potent outreach tool that can be used to target, educate, and direct visitors to particular web pages on your site. Email promotions come in two major formats.

• Newsletters – Email newsletters may include informative content and advertising for events or specials. They may encourage viewers to visit your website and read an article or utilize promotional offers. Even while they might not bring you many new website visitors, these might be an effective approach to drive traffic and sales from your target market.

• Promotional – Promotional emails may draw attention to certain sales or events pertaining to your business. This is something that will allure customers into reading, and perhaps taking the desired action.

In both situations, you may use data to segment your email readership and send customized editions of your newsletter or offer to each segment.

Promote content on Social Media

Creating excellent content and hoping that people would find it, is insufficient. Promote your content on the social media platforms that your audience uses most frequently. While Google Business posts can improve your website appearance in local search results, Twitter is best for quick, concise, and alluring links. A B2C product company may have excellent success on image-heavy social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Not only will this increase traffic to your website, but the more people that read your content, the more probable it is that you will receive more backlinks.

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