Facebook Advertising: New Features and Opportunities for Brands

Facebook Advertising: New Features and Opportunities for Brands, Facebook marketing, facebook ads, Facebook features

As Facebook grows in popularity, the platform continues to evolve with more accessible and handy features. Facebook is a medium that is always changing, which makes it difficult for busy advertisers to stay current with every minor update. Aside from well-known promotional tools like the custom audiences, there are a number of lesser-known Facebook activities that can make a big difference in the campaign. Here are recent Facebook Advertising upgrades that will allow you to sell your products and services in new ways.

Advertising Reels

Reels is now available to all Facebook users worldwide, on both iOS and Android, just in time for advertising options. Facebook will accelerate its testing of Facebook Reels Overlay Ads in Canada, Mexico, and the United States in the coming weeks. More countries are anticipated to join in the near future. This ad style will enable authors to commercialize their Reels while also providing marketers with a fresh new ad location. Advertisements with clickable banners will be displayed at the bottom of the Reels, as well as stickers that can be displayed anywhere in the Reel.

Optimise Text Per Person

Another useful feature is the “Optimize Text Per Person” option in the ad setup procedure. When enabled, it can determine whether to highlight the principal title, the header, or the summary based on the information provided by the algorithms about how particular viewers respond to adverts. This feature can be used by businesses to promote services/products.

New Group Admin Tools

For the past couple of years, Facebook Groups has become a major emphasis for Meta, and it doesn’t appear that this will change anytime soon. Meta just revealed new Group admin capabilities to further strengthen the community-building tool:

• Admins can now “suspend” participants from publishing, responding, joining Rooms, or participating in Group chats by expanding the “mute” function

• “Admin Assist” tool to automatically accept or refuse member requests depending on pre-determined criteria, such as whether they’ve addressed all of the member’s inquiries.

• “Admin Home” has been updated with a new summary dashboard for swiftly reviewing notifications, searching tasks, and viewing insights.

• Automatically rejecting inbound posts that have been flagged as containing misleading material by third-party fact validators.

• New QR codes that admins may download and use to take people to the Group’s About page anywhere and whenever they choose; this is a simple method to quickly develop your Group.

• Admins have the option of sending Group invites through email.

Safe Shopping Experience

Social commerce is growing in popularity, with Facebook and Instagram, both allowing native shopping on their platforms. Because Facebook recognises the need of providing a secure and trustworthy purchase experience for all parties involved, they’ve updated their social commerce platform.

They’ve laid up the guidelines that brands must adhere to so as to use Meta’s shopping capabilities. Commerce policies apply to everyone selling on Facebook, including Marketplace sellers, and extra regulations may apply based on how you’re selling. Advertising policies must be followed if you conduct ad campaigns, and the Merchant Agreement must be followed by anyone who utilises the Commerce Manager or an on-platform shop.

Increased In-Feed Control 

Facebook is experimenting with new methods for businesses and individuals to manage their newsfeeds.

• Trying out new means for customers to adjust ranking preferences to customise their own Facebook feed, including offering the opportunity to increase or reduce the quantity of content they see from friends, Pages, Groups, and family. 

• Existing controls, such as favourites, snooze, unfollow, and reconnect, will be easier to access.

• Topic exclusion rules allow advertisers to choose the topics that will show in their ads on Facebook; when a marketer removes any topics, the ad will not be delivered to people who are interested in the subjects in their newsfeeds. This can help avoid inadvertent placements with groups and regions that have experienced social unrest, tragedy, or conflict.

• Facebook is also working with third-party product safety partners to create a means to validate whether the information next to an advertisement in the News Feed is appropriate for the brand.

Social Issue Service and Product Ads

Facebook has had unique rules in place for ads related to social problems for a long time, which has sparked some controversy over the years. Facebook has since made the appropriate adjustments. Commercials with the primary goal of selling a product or service will no longer be classified as social issue ads. In order to encourage social issues, all social issue advertisers must complete an ad approval process and include a “Paid for by” disclaimer. Despite social issue elements, this will not apply to advertising that are sales-driven rather than advocacy-driven.

Advertisers will not be needed to complete the authorisation process or display a “Paid for by” disclaimer anymore, if their ad fits these three conditions, according to Facebook:

1. A service or product is prominently displayed or mentioned in the advertisement.

2. Even if the ad text tackles a social issue, the primary objective of the advertisement is to make a sale or promote a service.

3. There is a call-to-action in the ad content to buy or use the service or product.

These are some of the newest features Facebook has rolled out, and how they can open up opportunities for various businesses. Info Hub Digital, a leading digital marketing agency has a team of experts who are constantly updated with all that’s happening in social media trends. They can help design befitting campaigns for all businesses, to channel their services and promote their products.

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