How this Zoho Consultant from Florida Increased their Revenue by a 100%

How this Zoho Consultant from Florida increased their revenue by a 100% , Office hub tech, Zoho Consultant, Digital Marketing services near me

Info Hub Digital is one of the leading digital marketing agencies that cater to small and large businesses, devising marketing strategies that help effectively dominate the market. We augment the market reach, boosting your quality score, and optimizing ad performance by bidding on the right keywords. The expertise at Info Hub Digital assists in increasing your search rankings, and getting discovered, in order to get a higher ROI. Amongst one of our many clients, we initiated digital marketing work for a leading Zoho consultant from Florida.

Requirement –

The client with its mid-size business, approached Info Hub Digital for solutions to boost visibility and aid in higher rankings. At the time, the client was experiencing a drop in the rankings, and the leads generated, thus affecting the revenue of the business, which was running into losses. The goals of the client were as following –

  • Increase visibility
  • Get a higher ranking
  • Boost lead generation and increase in number of conversions

Challenge –

The team at Info Hub had a platter of services to offer, which could aid in increasing traffic and leads for the client, however the challenge for us was the shoe string budget from the client, and yet deliver results. Google ads, social media campaigns, and other SEO strategies were proposed in order to achieve the aforementioned goals – campaigns that would cost an arm and a leg. But, with a tight budget, it was challenging to bring the website on the top of search result pages.

Solution –

To resolve the problem, and help the client salvage his business, we conducted a thorough analysis of the search engine results, and helped build visibility with strategic SEO solutions to the point of content marketing services that assisted with organic listing. We initiated a pilot campaign, wherein we studied the SERP results, and based on the research around the client’s business, its competitors, we decided to optimise the client’s website on the G2 listings website. is a consumer review website that helps businesses make better purchasing decisions by showcasing the user feedback through over 650,000+ user ratings and reviews. This is an organic listing platform, and being visible on this website is quite commendable, while equally tough.

 The team at Info Hub developed a custom strategy with lead generation solutions to attract a larger customer base and improve visibility. This entailed creating content that was rich in keywords largely searched for, and ones that were trending. We used a mix of link-building technique and relevant keyword usage to help the client website rank higher, while also leveraging the services on various platforms to connect with new users. The strategies included display ads to drive awareness, and product listing ads, for when users would see on searching for competitors.

Our effective SEO tactics resulted in 100-150% increase in revenue for the client, and Office Hub Tech was ranked on, which is an organic listing. This in itself was a huge achievement for the client and for the team at Info Hub Digital. The customized solution also paved way for generation of quality leads without any paid marketing costs or additional budgets, within one to one and a half months of Info Hub’s SEO efforts that led to the ranking on G2.


Smart SEO strategies are required to appear on the top of the results page, and increase leads, despite a tight budget.

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