How this Medical Billing Company Improved Their Organic Leads by Whopping 150% in Just 3 Months with Info Hub Digital

How this Medical Billing Company Improved Their Organic Leads by Whopping 150% in Just 3 Months with Info Hub Digital

24/ Medical Billing Services, a leading medical billing outsourcing company that offers end-to-end revenue cycle management services and support physicians, hospitals, medical institutions and group practices with medical billing services. The company helps their clients spread in various healthcare domains earn more revenue with quick and affordable services. The customized Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions from 24/7 Medical Billing Services allow physicians to attract additional revenue and reduce administrative burdens or losses.

Info Hub Digital acquired 24/7 Medical Billing Services as a client in the recent past where the company was mainly struggling with the overall digital presence, its usability of the website and its reach on the search engines.

In this case study, we’re going to present how the 24/7 Medical Billing Services team got closer to their goal using our strategy.

You’ll learn how they:

  • Reduced their bounce rate
  • Improved lead flow
  • Ranked more in local searches for a variety of keywords


  1. The website layout was old fashioned which was a major turn-off for their clients. The website needed a professional and fresh look. 
  2. The website was not ranking well in their targeted regions and front of their targeted customers.
  3. The website was experiencing a bounce rate of around 65%.
  4. Even if there was enough traffic, the company was not getting proper leads to grow its business.

The Info Hub Digital Solution

The team Info Hub Digital identified the need for the website and changed the then-current website to the new HTML 5 templates. Info Hub Digital also experimented using exit-intent popups on the website blog section to get more blog visitors to their main site.

The team also thoroughly studied the industry basis where detailed keyword research was carried out.

The team added around 2000 new pages to widen the entry pages for Robots to index the site & help rank the site for local searches, e.g., DME Billing Services in Texas.


Now let’s see the results of overall efforts from Info Hub Digital.

– The site now ranks for more than 100 keywords on search engines like Google.

– Currently, the website is experiencing a bounce rate of only 14.31% which was around 65%.

– The team improved leads to more than 150% over 3 months through organic search engine optimization.


By using Info Hub Digital strategy, 24/7 Medical Billing Services was able to boost their direct and referral traffic, increase their number of new visitors, and improve their site engagement. With multiple on-page SEO strategies the website successfully started redirecting the most engaged visitors, they were able to get more prospects to their website.

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