How did the Info Hub Digital Team Improve 800 PERGOLA’s site to Attract More Customers?

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800 PERGOLA is a prominent pergola developer in Dubai, with a team of qualified designers, craftsmen, and installation professionals ready to serve its customers. As the most reliable source for contemporary pergolas, 800 PERGOLA provides solutions tailored to a variety of styles to suit everyone’s needs. They are on a mission is to serve the residential sector with dependable, high-quality pergola and gazebo services. With over 15 years of experience in the UAE, they have completed numerous major and small-scale projects across various countries. Info Hub Digital onboarded 800 PERGOLA in 2019 and ever since has been their digital marketing partner who has helped them increase site traffic and revenue.

In this case study, you will see how Info Hub Digital assisted 800 Pergola to optimize their site and improve the organic search rankings.


  • 800 PERGOLA had a very heavy website which led to heavy load time and poor customer experience.
  •  The webpage structure was too outdated and the content was monotonous with no focus on keywords that can contribute to SEO
  • Considering the solution 800 PERGOLA is offering, it was essential for them to showcase their offerings as images. However, the images uploaded on the site were too heavy to access for the customers.
  • Lastly, they wanted a revamp of their site’s layout and design to make it more interactive and engaging.

Info Hub Digital’s solutions

The first step was to evaluate 800 PERGOLA’s current SEO scenario and identify the weak spots. Within 3 months of allocation, the Info Hub Digital team carried out a detailed tech analysis and optimized the site speed from 10 seconds to less than 2 seconds. On-page SEO was improved by concentrating on long-tail keywords first, then short-tail keywords. Our team reviewed their existing layout and content to rearrange, support and restore the layout and content. The team also optimized the entire set of images by hosting it on CDN.


  • The site now attracts 50K per month traffic with more than 100 keywords ranking on Google.AE
  • The website is more accessible to customers with an efficient layout and faster loading time
  • Within a year, the organic revenue increased by 50%.
  • The conversion rate increased by 22%


We had an initial discussion with 800 PERGOLA to figure out where their business was and what their website goals were for the coming year. Based on this concrete information we were able to design a game plan to provide the right SEO and web optimization solution. This helped them increase their site visitors while providing them with informed content that can help in decision-making. We also looked at their content development choices and reviewed their present business relationships to see if there were any opportunities for long-term content collaboration.

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