Impact of Drip Marketing in Email Marketing Services

Impact of Drip Marketing in Email Marketing Services, Drip Marketing, Email Drip Campaigns ,Email Marketing Services

There was a time when the idea of customers opening promotional e-mails and engaging with them seemed quite impossible. 

Well! The story is no more same!

E-mail drip campaigns are a form of marketing automation that consists of a series of pre-written and auto-generated e-mails sent at just the right time in the sales funnel. They are moved from the awareness stage to the lead funnel until the lead is converted (and sometimes later). The material, reminders, and updates are intentionally “dripped” to not overload the potential customer, commonly referred to as e-mail “drip” campaigns.

An Overview:

Drip marketing is simply delivering a restricted number of e-mails to your target audience on a predetermined schedule based on activities they perform or improvements in their status. Organizations use drip marketing to stay in touch with their customers in a tailored and targeted manner after significant events or milestones.

The drip marketing e-mails are compelling and unique in their approach. The most common types of drip marketing campaigns are based on:

  • Details of orders placed
  • Invitation for Store events 
  • Sign up for the webcast
  • Registration of reports or papers
  • Abandoning of product in shopping cart
  • Engaging with customer service
  • Not placing orders in a while

The “drip” aspect of drip promotion involves delivering a constant stream of e-mails over time. It might be two, five, or whatever number you determine is the ideal amount of e-mails to send on a specific issue without over-communicating. You compose the e-mails once for each campaign, such as an abandoned cart drip campaign, and then automate the personalization and mailing. Your drip marketing programs are fully automated once they are set up.

Why choose drip campaigns?

Drip marketing can assist you in improving sales by converting visitors into purchasers, boosting customer retention, and reengaging an inactive audience. By expressing the value of your firm, you establish a connection with customers and convey that you are an amazing resource for their requirements.

According to a survey of 2,000 individuals, half of us are engaged in a “never-ending quest for products, services, and information to encourage behavior change.” This tendency can be aided by a drip campaign. These campaigns are incredibly beneficial because they are targeted, which means they are based on a specific activity and can be tailored. More than 90% of customers think they are more inclined to buy from firms that acknowledge and respect the environment.

Impact of Drip Marketing in Email Marketing Services

  • Higher Engagement: 

It is evident that e-mails prompted by user activities have a greater likelihood of eliciting a reaction than e-mail campaigns. But don’t fool yourself by what appears to be apparent. Let’s take a look at some numbers.  Epsilon, a research firm, published a report for the second quarter of 2016 comparing the response rates for e-mail newsletters and triggered e-mails. It was discovered that triggered e-mails (or drip campaigns) had 61.7 percent greater open rates than BAU e-mails. Also, triggered mail click rates were much higher than BAU, indicating 141.6 percent higher than BAU.

Isn’t there a big difference here?

  • Automated Funnel Movement: 

These campaigns are not only effective, but they also drive leads towards conversion without the need for personal involvement. The most essential thing to keep in mind is that the drip marketing processes are only as good as the thinking that goes into them, like any technology. Sit down and sketch out the entire path you want your prospect to take. Only when you have sketched this out, taking each choice into account, will you be able to adequately set it up in the system.

  • Post closure engagement:

The reach of e-mail marketing mechanization extends far beyond converting leads to consumers or completing purchases. Even after a purchase is complete or a sale has been made, you would like to:

This is determined by how valuable your consumer feels as it is by the effectiveness of the authentic product or service. While client satisfaction and support personnel are vital, the relevancy of your communications will also have a significant influence.

  • Improved brand recall: 

Even when the prospect does not wind up purchasing from you, a series of extremely relevant e-mails will ensure that they notice you the next time they need to purchase something you supply. Of course, fantastic triggered e-mails may be combined with well-structured and customized remarketing efforts across numerous channels.

Wrapping Up!

Marketing must be about working smarter, not tougher- with so many changing aspects in each campaign. Targeting subscribers who are further down the sales funnel since they are already interested is a smart move. You can nurture these leads via frequent communication and utilize the opportunity to quietly promote your products and services via a series of e-mails. Alternatively, you can also connect with the Info Hub Digital experts to add drip marketing to your e-mail campaigns.

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