Five Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking on Google

Five Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking on Google, SEO , SERP, Digital Marketing Services

Every day, people do a lot of searches either to buy a product, enhance their knowledge, or even pass their free time. Did you know? Ninety-three percent of all online experiences and leads are directly derived from the search engines like Google.

As a result, all this urges the need to optimize your site to boost your search engine rating. A higher search engine rating will help your company expand and gain more customers. However, attracting leads to your page is one thing; keeping them on your page is quite another. According to sources, Google updates its search algorithm numerous times every year. Even if the changes are minimal, or your SEO is out of the current, your website will definitely suffer. It is critical to keep up with contemporary SEO tactics to retain ranks and stay at the top of the SERP.

Here are the top five tips which you can use in 2021 to improve your sites’ SERP for better visibility:

1.Mobile-friendly Site

The importance of owning a mobile-friendly website has grown in recent years with the increased use of smartphones. In 2015, Google had released an official statement that mentioned the concept of handling mobile-friendly search results. According to speculations, Google was found valuing the idea that websites should have the ability to cater to the needs of desktop as well as mobile visitors. Soon, they announced that mobile-friendliness now has a significant impact on the SERP ranking due to the changes in Google’s algorithm.

  • To streamline user experience across devices
  • To improve the conversion rate with easy access from mobile devices.
  • To increase the download speed over mobile devices

Apart from essential design elements and ease to the users, Google strictly considers the mobile page’s performance for determining the ranking factor of any website, irrespective of the industry it is dealing with.

2.Keyword Optimization

Do you know that keywords are the key to improving your website’s ranking? Keywords are a crucial component of every business’s website content. It aids in organically bringing targeted online traffic to your organization. The proper use of studied keywords in your content will make it more valuable and assist your content in corresponding with your company’s SEO goals:

  • Optimize your title tag to match the search intent
  • Enhance your content with keywords to attract clients and bring in more traffic
  • Avoid bad practices such as the use of Uppercase or keyword stuffing

You may also alter the meta-titles and descriptions of your articles regularly to fit the current needs of the fresh material. These modifications have a high impact on search engine ranking.

3.Engaging Content

Creating content can help you get a higher search engine ranking. There are several ways to create content. It consists of blogs, videos, infographics, and ebooks intending to provide your audience with valuable and relevant information.

  • Conduct research on your target audience, related themes, and keywords.
  • Use keywords in your header tags, meta tags, and content.
  • Post your content on a website that is responsive and speedy.
  • Promote your work to industry thought influencers.

Quality content boosts the credibility and authority of your website. It’s an excellent technique for you to share your useful knowledge with your target audience. Always keep your content updated with the latest facts and figures to catch the readers’ attention and make sure they come back for more.

4.SEO-friendly videos and images

People do not desire a wall of words when it comes to internet material. They want visuals and videos to help them learn about a subject, visualize an idea, or execute a task. If your material lacks multimedia, it may affect your search engine rankings. SEO-friendly graphics and video can help you enhance your search engine ranking.

  • Use optimized file name and alt tags for images
  • Maintain a compressed image size to avoid slow loading site
  • Always use structured data for videos
  • Include video transcript and custom thumbnail

Your images and videos should stick to SEO standards. Also, do not forget to create a title and description that engages users and includes your keyword for better reach.

5.Maximize CTR

The percentage of individuals that notice your website in search results and click on it is referred to as the click-through rate (CTR). Increasing your CTR, on the other hand, might have a direct influence on your search ranking. According to research, there is a high association between search engine ranks and CTR. From the standpoint of a search engine, users clicking on one website more than others indicates that it is more relevant than the other search results.

  • Include your primary keyword at the beginning of your title tag
  • Include your primary and associated keywords in your meta descriptions
  • Add schema markup to your website, such as how-to or ratings
  • Access and monitor your page’s CTR in Google Search Console.


Traditional websites with diminishing structures that are not mobile-friendly are incredibly likely to fail in the face of contemporary technology and enhanced mobile access. You must ensure that your website ranks high on the search engine results pages to attract people’s attention. Websites that do not have a significant rating might be considered “dead.” It exists, but it will go unnoticed until it implements the necessary tools to keep up with the fast-moving visitors and consumers. So what are you waiting for? Call Info Hub experts right now to practically implement these popular ways.

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