Importance of Facebook Analytics for Targeted Marketing

Facebook Marketing

We are all living in the digital age right now. With widespread access of smartphone and other devices, usage of social media has increased tremendously. Without a doubt, social media has become an interactive platform for consumers and marketeers to connect. Users are more honest and expressive on such platforms which gives them the power to showcase their opinion.

Brand connectivity is naturally more interactive on social media platforms as most of the users are youngsters. This also means that having a strong social media presence can help your brand grow tremendously. That is why your social media audience research and a strategy to get the audience connected is vital for business growth.

Understanding your audience is one of the key factors of marketing campaign and Facebook Analytics is your key to achieve it. Facebook Analytics is an in-built tool which tracks and measures the performance of your content posted over a period of time. It provides with all the necessary information that is useful to measure the engagement on the post such as number of likes, comments and page views. And the best part is – it’s free!

So, if you were considering to use or learn about Facebook Analytics, here are the few things you should know:

Valuable User Data

Facebook Analytics makes use of Facebook Pixel and gives you the insightful data on the users. This will help businesses understand their key audience better and hence create content that will be more relevant and interactive.

Daily Insights

The tool contains a tab known as ‘Daily Insights’ which provides the user with data on real time basis. This is important as the user can address any issues which requires immediate action taken. It also comes in handy when you want to try a new idea out or check the ‘tone’ of your message. It quick and the evaluations done are in depth.

Increased Engagement

Posting on social media is not enough. The footfall on your social media page must be growing too. This is one of the most crucial ways to increase awareness about your brand, product or service. However, if you lack the understanding about your target audience then no matter how engaging or fun your content is – it will be not useful to your brand. Once you understand how to target the right strata of audience on social media, it will be easier to reach them and make content which matches their tastes. This will in turn churn out content which is more engaging.

Best For Revenue

There are those who ‘like’ and then there are those who actually end up buying. To be honest, both are equally important. But what if you could choose both. With Facebook Analytics Revenue Report page you can get access to various revenue collected from different groups of audience. This will lead you to those who are action takers and you can now focus on such groups to increase your revenue.

Track Your Progress

Evaluation of any campaign is important to see how it performed and what are the things that need to be continued or discontinued. The Growth Metrics feature by Facebook Analytics too will process and display whether the page is progressing in terms of users or declining. You can now track the record of your progress. This is essential as it will help the businesses to decide on which strategies are beneficial.

Retention Of Users

Getting new users is vital for any business growth. Similarly, retention of current users is important too. Having a loyal customer base is one of the safety nets that can save the businesses from declining towards losses. The Retention Report feature can show you how many users have come back to your product. This will help you build a loyal customer base which you can focus on being associated for a long period of time.

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