The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Reels

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Reels, Instagram marketing agencies,Instagram marketing services,Digital Marketing Agency, Instagram Reels

There is no secret to the viral growth on Instagram right now, yes it’s the Instagram Reels. Not just individuals but businesses have been using it to reach their target customers in the most engaging way possible as video marketing is the second most effective ad format in the current marketing scenario. As a business, it’s important for you to stay right in front of your audience where they are, not where you want them to be. Therefore, Instagram with one billion monthly active users and widely and globally used social media platform can offer businesses like yours a huge base of customers.

Since the launch of Instagram Reels, businesses have seen their customer engagement growing significantly- it has turned into an effective and go-to marketing tool for businesses. The reason is the fact that video content fosters more engagement, connection and trust with your customers. However, it’s essential to use the perfect Reels strategy and know how to use all the different editing features so that you can take your Instagram marketing strategy to the next level.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are 15 to 30-seconds short videos that can be created with a combination of audio, text, effects, and stickers. It’s one of the ways to create fun and engaging video content for any purpose; both casual and business. When creating a Reel, Instagram users can either select to record video clips on the go or upload a pre-recorded video from their camera roll. If satisfied with the clips, users can add additional elements like Instagram stickers or audio and even draw over it or add texts to support the content that is being showcased. 

Instagram Reels can look similar to Instagram stories but the difference is in the duration of the videos; Reels are 15-seconds longer and are exclusively video-based with a tab within a user’s profile and dedicated feed.

Below are a few tips to boost engagement and increase your customer reach with Instagram Reels:
  1. Brands should ensure that their Instagram Reels include the 3 important essences of engagement: entertaining and fun, inspiring, and experimental. Users tend to engage with content that is fun and for this very reason, businesses should avoid taking Reels as ads instead should consider it as a friendly medium to communicate with their audience.
  2. Try and professionally produce your content with the help of Instagram marketing agencies, or create content in-house to make it look natural or may be improvised.
  3. Instagram doesn’t allow advertising on Reels but it offers brands to produce video views that can be customized to retarget users who earlier viewed and interacted with a reel. Brands can make good use of this feature while promoting a new product or service, as they get the opportunity to capture more data and retarget more users. This can lower the ad costs significantly for the brand.
  4. With various content out there, users usually tend to incline towards funny videos, dance videos, or challenge videos that go viral regularly; an added twist to the regular content can do wonders. It increases the engagement level as the users are involved to take part in the content either through adding their reactions or taking up the challenge.
  5. Instagram reels are just 30-seconds long which means you have a very small window to connect with your audience without losing their interest. Therefore, it’s essential to use this time wisely with the right content and information. Not just that, the first few seconds of the video is immensely important, you would want to do or show something that immediately captures the viewer’s attention and pulls them in to watch more. Instagram marketing companies like Info Hub Digital ensure the brand’s videos contain a hook for instant gratification.
  6. Use the native Reels tools like editing tools, music, texts and visual effects to create your content that can make your video stand out. With the use of any new Instagram feature, you can increase your exposure if that feature or the tools on the app related to that feature is often used by users. It is also suggested to record, edit and add effects to the reels within the app itself rather than uploading the video from the camera roll.
  7. One very important tip when using Instagram Reels are the use of video captions which can expand engagement from muted viewers as well. Don’t forget the use of “hashtags”. Instagram allows users to add almost 30 hashtags per reel along with a great caption with a 2,000-character limit. This gives you more than enough space to write a descriptive copy for your content.
  8. One of the fastest ways to interact with users is to use your brand’s Reels to talk about the people you want to engage with.
  9. Apart from the easy-to-go videos, educational content is also one of the most interactive types of content for brands on Instagram. This can be posted on regular posts, stories, IGTV, or Reels. The idea is to share tips or provide short tutorials related to the product in order to keep your brand relevant. Provide CTAs to drive users to sections where they can go for more information as this will help you garner even more taps.
  10. Before publishing Reels, it is essential to optimize the videos appropriately. Since Reels are better suited for mobile it should be published with a vertical, 9:16 ratio.


Instagram Reels are the new game-changers in the Instagram marketing strategy space and brands are utilizing it to reach their target audience. The best part is that Reels offer an easy feature to learn and adapt and does not require a lot of time and effort to create it. All you have to do is have a strong marketing strategy, create effective content, post consistently and follow these tips to see your engagement on Instagram boosting immediately. 

Instagram marketing services from Info Hub Digital can help brands like yours achieve this result with the right expertise and knowledge of the social media marketing landscape. 

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