Advantages of Voice Search SEO

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“Voice Search”- a new concept yet a term that almost everyone is aware of and is using in their daily lives. The use of voice search has been growing every year and it has seen a huge consumer adoption and success in recent years. With this success rate, the voice search feature can now be found not only on phones and tablets but also on PCs that are equipped with voice assistants. Not just that! We have also seen the rise of voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo that are completely based on voice search.

There are multiple reasons why the voice search feature is growing significantly year after year. continuing to climb year after year. Let’s start by addressing the core reason that the voice search feature is 3.7 times faster than typing a query. It is said that by 2022 60% of all the searches will be voice searches, 2 out 5 people prefer voice-activated devices and services, and 40 percent of adults are using voice search daily in their lifestyle. People search the internet for information with voice search to get directions, know the weather details and obtain information about any topic possible— all without having to type out an entire query.

With this power, voice search technology is reshaping the search engine optimization arena. Today more than ever technology is growing to be more complex and advanced and the use of voice search brings ease in understanding the inquiries or phrases to supply the best results for the inquiry. It has the ability to take SEO campaigns to the next level that can help businesses rank their websites higher in the search engine result pages and connect to their consumers faster. Looking at the current trend and adoption of voice search, it’s essential for businesses to optimize their SEO for both voice and text.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of voice search in SEO!

Increased website traffic

In order to increase traffic on your website, you will need your customers to locate you easily. Voice search optimization allows your website to be found effortlessly and rank higher in the search engines which in turn will directly improve your website traffic. Witness improved user experience with voice search as your web pages will deliver the exact answers, users are searching for but in a more efficient manner. You can also use Google Analytics to analyze your website data to identify voice search-based queries and the web pages that are working better to optimize other pages further.

Create brand awareness & visibility

Optimize your websites for voice search to ensure your company appears on the first page of results for any voice search query, and also to outrank your competitors. By building a positive impression to provide a solution to their problem you can attract more customers and create brand visibility.

Instant Answers

Unlike traditional web searching where users need to open the web page, type their query and wait for results to be loaded, voice search has the potential to provide prompt answers. This speeds up the process of reaching a web page as many devices now come with a hands-off voice search feature that allows users to ask a question without having to pick up the device. Quick responses with ease in reaching a website.

Increase footfall

Voice search is mostly utilized for local searches where customers are looking for something that is nearby. This is a fine way to bring in more customers to your store and increase your footfall. It is seen that consumers who are using voice search for queries are more likely to discover quick answers and buy products instantly. Voice search can help increase your possibility of attracting more customers by simply appearing at the top on the results pages.

Voice search trends have seen a spike in recent years and it’s becoming important for businesses to board this “trend” to have an advantageous influence on their business.

If your brand’s current digital marketing strategy does not include voice search optimization, then you are falling behind to get more customers. Want to know about the benefits of voice search optimization services and how they can help you? Look no further with Info Hub Digital. Our voice search optimization services are designed and created to help brands optimize their local SEO campaigns in order to target voice search customers. This is done by brands consulting with Info Hub Digital voice search optimization specialists who helps improve voice search rankings by using targeted strategies.

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