Importance of Social Media Marketing

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I know you might have heard this term and often wondered what it is. This particular term is so hyped right now and is helping so many people that everyone is interested in knowing more about it. So let me give you a brief about what it is and how Importance of Social Media Marketing works.

To start with, we all know that today’s generation is all about social media. They spend most of their time scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and often order things through these platforms. Since social media is so much in trend and use from the past few years, a new term called social media marketing came up. Social media marketing is one way to introduce our business or work to this new generation using social media.

You might be wondering how, right? I’ll help you out! Social media is no longer limited to formal or informal communications. Several people use social media to interact with people and expand their business.

The best example of this is MyGlamm. You all might have heard about MyGlamm and I can bet on this thing the moment you read this word the first thing that came into your mind was free lipstick surveys you saw on Instagram or Facebook. MyGlamm used attractive templates, surveys, paid promotions, and interesting hashtags to attract an audience. They never used television or those traditional big banners, the only tool they used was social media. In the beginning, they started with 200 followers, and with time and over 2-3 years, they have reached 624K followers.

You can too use social media to flourish and increase the reach of your business using suitable techniques.

Obviously, just like everything else, even social media marketing has a few pros and cons. Let’s see what they are!

Pros of Social Media Marketing-

  1. Interact with more audiences and connect with them on a personal level

Social media is a platform where you can easily interact with a large audience. This can be done using suitable hashtags, attractive and eye-catching templates and appropriate editing, trending sounds, and a lot more. When suitable techniques are used, your posts can easily reach different people with similar interests and thus can also attract customers. 

Also when the audience is attracted using social media, the audience can connect to the business on a personal level.

Wondering how?

Well, whenever a customer buys your product and they’re satisfied, they often put up a story about it. You can carry out comment games, surveys, giveaways and that makes your audience to interact with you on a personal level.

This is how social media marketing helps you to attract more and more audiences.

  1. Attract large audiences on a small budget

Social media marketing is one of the cheapest ways of marketing. All you need is a few editing applications and good editing skills.

Proper editing, use of proper graphics and colour schemes, attractive visualisations, all these can be done using budget-friendly applications, and as long as you keep up with the trends, you’ll be able to attract a large audience.

Now I know you might be wondering, “What if I don’t know how to edit?” Well, some agencies help you with your social media management and marketing. Read further and you’ll know about selecting an ideal social media marketing agency.

  1. You can know more about your competitors

As we all know social media is wide open to all kinds of businesses. Now, this can give you an added advantage. How? Well, with everything being wide open in the display, you can easily see what your competitors are up to.

When you know what your competitors are up to, you can easily cope with them and introduce new offers and discounts in the market.

Interesting, right?

So these were some pros or advantages of social media marketing. I am sure, by now you might have been a little inclined towards using social media marketing to market your products. But, don’t you think you should also know the cons of social media marketing?

Cons of Social Media Marketing-

  1. Time Consuming

One of the major cons of social media marketing is that it’s time-consuming.

Often when you are managing a business, it gets difficult to manage the social at the same time.

Hence it gets difficult to manage everything at the same time.

  1. Negative comments and trolls

Social media impacts a wide range of individuals, for example, positive and negative. The negative incorporates spammers, savages, and other pernicious people who can damage your social reputation.

Often when the comments and trolls go over the limit, it often demotivates you.

Not being able to control them and deal with them is one of the major cons of social media marketing.

  1. Less control over public interaction

When you post anything on social media, it is out on display, and out to locals to interact. And as explained above, you don’t have control over public interaction and hence it is a risk to your and your business’s reputation.

Now, as you know the pros and cons of social media marketing, it’s my duty to solve some of your major issues.

These major issues include not being able to contribute time to social media and not being familiar with the concept of editing. In this case, you’ll need to be concerned about a social media marketing agency.

Should you hire a Social Media Marketing Company/Agency?

Whenever you try to contact someone for a particular service, you must know your goals. For example, whenever you go out shopping, you have an entire list of what you want to shop for.

Similarly, before you contact a social media marketing agency, you should have an entire list of what you want and what do you expect. Once you know what you want and what do you desire, consider the following points to select a perfect fit for all your social media marketing demands.

  1. Check if the agency provides customised services

Some agencies use the same marketing techniques to manage the social media profile of all the business profiles.

Every business is different and hence has different requirements. If the same technique is used for multiple businesses neither the audience reach won’t be as expected, nor your demands will meet.

  1. The agency should have a high level of expertise

There is no doubt that there are many social media marketing agencies that give the best services. In that scenario, it becomes difficult for an individual to select which one to go for. In that case, the level of expertise is the factor you can use to differentiate and choose the company.

The number of satisfied customers, number of people working in the company, the number of goals reached, can be included in deciding the level of expertise.

  1. Make sure to research the agency.

Every time we are about to incorporate a new thing or product into our regime, we make sure to do proper research about it. Right?

The same goes for the social media marketing agency. Let suppose you’ve selected, or shortlisted 2-3 agencies and now you have to select 1 of them. What will you do?

At that time, proper research by the agency helps you out.

Social media is one of the most well-known wellsprings of marketing in 2022, and being familiar with social media advertising before you practice it is one of the most fundamental things. This article incorporates all that you really want to be aware of in social media marketing. I hope that you found this article helpful. Happy Marketing!

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